SmartChess – Interface & Gravity

SmartChess – Interface and Gravity, is an exhibition of works related to the theme of chess. The design of SmartChess, a chess set, is at the origin of the project. This specific design refers to a “flattened  reality” as formal interpretation of the digital age .  SmartChess is both an image and a three dimentional object. The exhibition displays other works envisioned as variations and extensions of this first chess board.
SUPERMARKT, Berlin – 04/ 2013



  Opening Performance – Blitz Game 
Special thanks to the players, N.O.T.P, and to JP sexauer 



Marion Andrieu / Zora Mann
> Edition release!
Thursday 22.03.2018 – Bar Babette, Berlin

pic: (c) jofroi amaral

ESPACE LIBREGalerie Weisser Elefant
18.11.2017 – 20.01.2018

Marion Andrieu, Jofroi Amaral by Damien Mazières, Alice Baillaud, Pascal Brateau, Barbara Cousin , Cécile Dupaquier, Aurelie Pertusot

Galerie weisser elefant, Auguststr. 21, 10117 Berlin

/ interf ∆ ce(s) / Tales of Babel
   21.04  – 11.06.2017
Haus Am Lützowplatz_Studiogalerie, Berlin.
Marion Andrieu / Yann Gerstberger / Zora Mann.
curated by Lucile Bouvard

Moonrise gathering -flyer ©marion andrieu


Good governance, etching on paper © Zora Mann


Exhibition: A Simple Task, Sa. 05-11-2016
 at the Kreuzberg Pavillon

Ideal reading - Julien Villaret

SEE :  28.05 – 04.09  Ideal reading #2, Art Center Le Magasin In Grenoble
From Goofypress (Julien Villaret)
with books belonging to:
Marion Andrieu, Astali/Peirce, Manon Bellet, Bettina Bruder, Elvire Bonduelle, Ludovic Burel, Claude Cadi, Clôde Coulpier, Jacob Dahlgren, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, April Gertler, Mathias Geoffroy, Hannah Goldstein, Sébastien Gindre, Matteo Guidi, Lise Harlev, Hervé Humbert, Fadma Kaddouri, Erik Kiesewetter, Wolf von Kries, André Leibold, Benjamin Lee Martin, Marie-José Ourtilane, Palefroi, Anaëlle Pirat, Øyvind Renberg & Miho Shimizu, Stephen G. Rhodes, Oliver Roura, Allen Ruppersberg, Daniel Seiple, Jaro Straub,

Session 25 École du Magasin, Julien Villaret & Martín Vitaliti.

Color Chess

Exhibition: March 17 – April 11  2016.
Opening: Thursday 17 March  – 7 pm
Finissage: Monday 11 April
– 7 pm


  07.11. – 15.11.2015

Group show: DIE LICHTENBERG NORM – A4 Quer


Schwarze Sauberei” – Tête gallery – Nov 2014 – Berlin

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Aus dem Fundus Fyer 2    link to the project

X/I Ten words and one shot – june 2014

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